Drinking Water Standards

Drinking Water Standards  Introduction. Water is a fundamental necessity of our lives. Every living organism requires water for survival. The human body is 70% made up of water. Nutritionists recommend about 4 -6 glasses of water every day for healthy

Best Drinking Water

Best Drinking Water Water is the first thing we think of when we wish to quench our thirst. You may think it’s as easy as ABC. Get a glass of water and done. However, when it comes to your health,

Healthiest Bottled Water

With bottled water companies going all in on campaigns and advertisements promoting their products, we are left spoilt for choice on what is the healthiest bottled water to purchase. However, not all bottled waters are produced the same. If you

Best Bottled Water to Drink

Best Bottled Water to Drink Different brands of water have been introduced to the consumer market over the last few years. The quality of the bottled water is checked by their pH testing, Electrolyte Content, Label Transparency, and Budget. In

Brands of Water

Clean drinking water is no longer a privilege in the 21st century, it is a necessity. Bottled water companies have taken up the social responsibility of catering for the welfare of all living beings to have clean drinking water, by providing quality safe bottled water. The water market is hyped up and has grown in numbers and quality over the past decade, with marketing departments of certain brands of water going as far as introducing flavored bottled drinking water to appeal to the 21st-century generation that has an unquenchable sweet tooth for junk food and soft drinks
As a requirement and general regulation, most bottled water companies are registered either with state or international organizations such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG) that works as the “Sheriff” to oversee standard quality for processed water meant for human consumption. It is of fundamental importance that bottled water brands are regulated by these governing bodies in order to ensure quality, and reduce the risk of the public coming into contact with hazardous water and in turn contracting severe illnesses.
The water market has seen hundreds of bottled brands of water emerging, some dominating the market and others dying out after a few operational years due to being phased out by competition or being recalled by regulatory bodies. Here some of the various popular brands of water proving to dominate this industry.
Nestlé’s Pure Life
This is one of the brands of water by international company Nestlé that retails in over 30 countries worldwide. In value and rating from the Environmental Working Group due to its label-transparency. It is the most popular of Nestle’s brands of water with a huge market base in five continents. Pure Life’s transparent label discloses that its purified water, meaning it either comes from a municipal source or it is sourced from a well before it is purified through carbon filtering, softening, demineralization, re-mineralization, and disinfection using ozone and ultraviolet. Pure life is the brand of water to go for if you are Old-school and wish to get a clean taste with zero minerals.

This is the most popular brands of water in Italy, and its been making its way into the American market since the 1900s. The Italians go all in ensuring the quality of this naturally sparkling mineral water by protecting its source, from which it is directly bottled. Ferrarelle is mindful of its water, testing it a couple hundred times a day to ensure quality

Aquafina is the brand of water boasts of the most thorough filtration process through its HydRo-7 filtration, a seven-step process that clears nasties and solids in a manner that is unmatched by any other filtration process. It is the gladiator of filtered bottled water.

San Pellegrino
Sequestered in the mountains of Milan in Italy, San Pellegrino water became famous after Leonardo da Vinci traveled to the mountains specifically to drink it due to its “curative powers” at the time. How insane is that?! The water is sourced from three springs that run deep into the volcanic ground, about 1,300 feet underground, from an aquifer. The limestone is responsible for its rich alkaline taste.

Fiji Natural Artesian Water
As the name suggests, this brand of water was founded in from Fiji back in 1996, and specifically, Viti Levu Island. It is Artesian water from the tropical rainforest of the Island. It goes through natural filtration through volcanic rocks that are rich in electrolytes and minerals. It later collects in an aquifer several meters underground from where it is sourced for purification. It has a rich pleasant taste owing to its minerals.

Nestle’s Aquarel
Another of Nestle’s brand of water that exists in six countries across Europe. It is sourced from natural springs before being treated and bottled. It has a light taste of minerals for those who want mild after-taste of minerals on their tongue.

The Mountain Valley
Mountain Valley is a legendary brand of water that has been in existence since the 1870s. it is probably the pioneers of bottled water companies, starting off from Arkansas. So popular is Mountain Valley, that presidents and the white house staff have been served by it for decades. It is sourced from springs whose water take years to get to the aquifer in Arkansas. The aquifer gives the water pleasant flavor owing to its high alkaline properties. The legendary bottled water company also has several different flavors, including apple, peach, and buttermilk.

Gerolsteiner Mineral Water
Another legend, founded in the 1880s in Germany. Its waters are sourced from springs in the Volcanic Hills of Eifel that made its way from volcanic reservoirs about 200 feet deep in the ground. Gerolsteiner is rich in magnesium and calcium, giving it a uniquely neutral taste.

Dasani is a brand of water from the undisputed Coca-Cola company. It is classified as purified water that is remineralized using salt, magnesium sulphate and potassium chloride. It is among the most popular brands of water in the world, available in every country that Coca-Cola exists in.

Volvic Natural Spring Water
Volvic is French, bottled from Clairvic Spring in the Auvergne Volcanoes in Northern France. The spring water flows all year round onto the surface at 8.80C, from where it is fetched, processed and bottled with precision and expertise as the French only know how.

Now, this is the unapologetic pimp of brands of water. The team responsible for SmartWater boasts of how worthy their water is for your body, even going as far as trashing spring water as it comes from the ground. Don’t believe me? Take a look at its bottle-label. SmartWater sources its water from the sky, then takes It through a process to add taste through the addition of electrolytes.

Voss is the most expensive brand of water out there. If this was a car, it would be a Rolls Royce. Voss is a mountain spring brand, served in most expensive hotels and suits. So hyped is this brand, that hip hop artists endorse it in their videos. Back to what really matters, Voss sources its waters from an artesian in the mountains of Norway. It has a rich pleasant taste owing to the years of absorbing minerals.

Evian is spring water from the French, whose main source of water comes from snow and rainfall that makes its way into the ground over the course of a decade. Thanks to this fact, Evian is rich in minerals and electrolytes. It has a thin texture owing to its really high level of electrolytes, and one would find him/herself gulping down the whole bottle easily.